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Top 7 Best Android Apps for Running

In the United States, almost 60 million people participate in running or jogging but walking for fitness tends more than 110 million people to participate in the USA. Around America, people are much motivated to maintain their health and improve their fitness. For this, Americans start running and jogging.

Running is a good exercise that keeps people healthy and far from different heart diseases. To digest food as per doctors walking plays an important role. So if you are concerned about your health and fitness then you must start walking, running or jogging.

For this purpose, you need to set a goal and try to accomplish it in time. There are a lot of apps that can help you in running. Through their features, you can set a goal and try to achieve it on daily basis.

Let’s see the top 5 and popular apps for running for your android phones. These apps only support android phones.

1- Running Distance Tracker +

Running Distance Tracker + just like its name, tracks the distance, pace, calories, and much more. This app is a precise running app on the Play Store. It has a simple and attractive interface. Here, before running you can set the target and measure the distance and time taken. The incredible thing about this app is that it allows you to access your music player and voice feedback guiding as you run towards your target. Running Distance Tracker + also saves a history of your runs and improvements over time. It shows you a complete log of your running activities.

Main Features of Running Distance Tracker + are so amazing that you are going to love the app for this. It measures your distance covered and time is taken precisely, tells you the average and current pace tracking, allows you running with GPS with and running routes, shows you burnt calories, provides you the voice feedback, shows you your run log, and gives you access to your music player.

Download the app for free from Play Store but few features can be purchased for a few dollars. If you are thinking that will it worth downloading or spend money then go for the reviews first. You’ll come to know how people are using and loving this app.

2- Running App – Run Tracker with GPS, Map My running

Leap Fitness Group presents this marvelous Running App which provides a variety of plans for weight loss. You might be thinking that you are a beginner so will this app going to entertain you or not then don’t worry, all plans are beginner-friendly. These plans help you to stay motivated, lose weight, and achieve different fitness goals. It also helps you to increase your pace with time. You might get surprised that Running App provides you audio feedback from the voice coach. That means you are not running on your own you have a coach who lets you stay motivated with its guidance.

Running increases your metabolism. Now, you can burn more calories by following a specific plan. All the plans in this app are designed by professional coaches to make weight loss effective, easy, and fun. No matter you are on which level of weight loss, these plans are suitable for all levels.

Running by Leap Fitness group tracks the running stats, records routes with GPD in real-time, and provides you your running detailed analysis and insight graphs. Its powerful mile tracker tracks all required information like all key stats, distance, time, speed, calories burned, elevation, etc.

As discussed before its productive plans now see what types of plans it is offering you. Running offers you, walking for weight loss, running for weight loss, pace academy, and my first 5K. Try the one that suits you best.

So download the app and start losing your weight.

3- Running & Jogging

Running & Jogging is an exotic app with a lot of amazing features. It helps you to lose weight through proper exercise. We all know that running loses your weight and helps you to burn calories. Running and jogging gives you a proper plan that tracks your distance, time, pace, and much more.

The features that this app offers you are: it may work out in real-time with GPS and monitors your exercise progress, 100% free as there are no locked features, takes less storage memory on your device (below 5MB), user-friendly, fast, light, see your measurements graphs, see your progress in 4 intervals (week, month, year, and all), set the goals according to your condition, no other hardware is required or login to any account, provides you challenges that helps you to stay motivated, keep your record, also calculate your BMI, you can insert workout results manually, and gives you the facility of voice feedback.

All these features and benefits make Running and Jogging a useful and most downloaded app for android phones. If you want to lose weight and looking for motivation then this app will help you for sure. Make your life easy and start running with Running & Jogging from the next morning.

4- Running to Lose Weight

Are you worried about your weight? Are you looking for some motivation? Then download Running to Lose Weight right now. This app will give you motivation by giving you different easy challenges. It is suitable for all kinds of users i.e. it is suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced level people.

Its tremendous features make this app useful for people around the world. It offers you to track your running through GPS. It gives you the facility to check out the detailed workout tracking. Running to Lose Weight doesn’t let you become bored during exercise so it allows you to access your playlist and enjoy the music. It supports all kinds of music apps. It also helps you to stay motivated through its voice coach that boost your training and guides you through every workout. It tracks your distance, time, pace, and calories burned.

So, download this app and make it part of your life. Please note that consult your physician before starting any fitness course. We are much concerned about your health and don’t want you to fall sick with any kind of fitness plan.

This app is compatible with all android devices. Download it from the Play Store for free. You can avoid ads and avail of extra features by purchasing in-app offers for a few dollars.

5- Adidas Running App by Runtastic – Run Tracker

Are you thinking to start a fitness course? Are you worried about your weight? Whether you’re getting ready for any race, Adidas Running App will help you to get ready. This app allows you several wonderful features that help you in exercising and losing weight.

As with other apps, it helps you to track easily in real-time with the help of a built-in GPS. It customizes your dashboard according to your needs. Here you are going to get professional feedback from the voice coach. An additional feature is you’ll get live tracking and cheering that means your friends will track you and motivate you for your workout. You can set your personal goal and can track your distance, time, calories burned, and pace on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. This app is going to tell you when your shoes have to be changed because shoes play a very important role in running.

This high rated app is available on the Play Store. Download the app on your android phones and start running. Adidas Running App by Runtastic – Run Tracker is free but to avoid ads and enjoy some locked features buy this app for a few dollars.

6- Flyrun running app – track running technique

Looking for motivation? Then download the Flyrun running App for free from the Play Store. We’re sure this app will motivate you and helps you in losing weight slowly but permanently. Americans are much curious about their weight. They need a coach that can guide them to lose weight. This app will be your coach and helps you in workouts.

Flyrun provides you various features that make this app worthy to download and spend time on it. It tracks your distance, time, speed, step cadence, steps. It also tracks the most essential running technique metrics that are contact time, fly time, contact balance, stride length, stores your all runs, gives you audio feedback on your real-time results, ma out your running route with GPS, splits your result into small intervals, provides you animated 3D running techniques, also follows your daily, weekly, or monthly progress on running fitness and technique. You can also share your results on social media i.e. Facebook.

So, with all these features you will lose weight and become active and smart. Flyrun is a highly rated app, available on the Play Store. Download the app for free and start running. This app contains ads but you can get rid of them by purchasing it for a few dollars.

7- Run with Map My Run

Are you a seasoned runner or are you going to start your fitness journey? Run with Map My Run will be your companion in this journey. You will see how it helps you in completing your workouts and achieving your goals. You might be thinking about what is new in this app. The features of this app are so good and helpful that can make your life easy.

It tracks all your required data like distance, steps, pace, time, speed, BMI, step cadence, elevation, and much more. It shows you your performance in small intervals on a graph. You will get your tracks in real-time with GPS. You can also get your workout history for later comparison.

Run with Map My Run is going to help you significantly. So download the app from the Play Store on your android devices and start your fitness journey.

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