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The 14 Best Apps for Budgeting 2021

If you are worried about your expenditures and don’t know where your money is going then you need to manage it the right way. For this purpose, you need a budgeting app which will help you in saving money and give you complete information about your earning and expenses.

There are tons of financing apps available in the stores but we will only be talking about the best of them. Have a look at the following apps and choose which fulfill all your requirements.

1- Monthly Budget Planner & Daily Expense Tracker (for android)

This app is helping people around the world by calculating their expenses and income. You will find it simple and love its features like calendar, finance projection, and planning. Most importantly you don’t have to connect the app with your bank account. This app is so helpful that it closely monitors your finance and allows you to track where your money is going.

You can also pay $6 that is a one-time fee to unlock all the features of Monthly Budget Planner & Daily Expense Tracker. This app is available on Google Play so download the app and manage your finance.

2- AndroMoney (Expense Track) (for android)

This app manages your daily expenses so well that chances are you will be able to save some amount at the end of the month. It is easy to use as its learning curve is not so steep for the new users.

It has a simple and clutter-free interface. Graphics are so fine and enchanting that someone would love to use the app and will not get bored with it. It is helpful in managing your debt and loan. It has the ability to automatically backup your data. Quite versatile operations make this app efficient in its work.

AndroMoney will show you spending in the form of a pie chart or bar graphs. In this way, you will be able to understand where your money is spending. The free version of this app contains ads but you can purchase the app for a few dollars to get rid of the ads and also unlock some more amazing features.

It is available on the Google Play only so grab your android phones and download the app right now.

3- Mint: Personal Finance & Money (for iOS and android)

You can manage your credit score with this amazing app. You will have more credit score with time. This budgeting app is so helpful and flexible that manages your all expenses smartly. Its efficiency lets you control the budget and save some money for future use.

You can pay bills and do transactions with this app. It can be a better money managing app than any banking app that you have used. It works efficiently and gives you a proper layout of a monthly expense. You will come to know where you have to control and where you have to spend more money to fulfill your needs. It will show you a pie chart where all the categories will be mentioned and tell you where you can send more or less money.

Suppose if you are not active for a month or 2 on Mint. It will be working at the backend and will update you about the budget; you just need to refresh it. You can download the app from the App Store and the Play Store and make your life easy.

4- Financial Calculator

Financial Calculator has a very simple user interface. The calculators that are introduced to you are working amazingly for people around the globe. If you are thinking of any app that can calculate your monthly expense then you must think about this wonderful application.

Let’s talk about reviews now; people love this app because of its remarkable features. Calculators are so accurate that will solve your every problem regarding budgeting.

You can use a financial calculator for your business also as it not only stuck for the daily use or for your home monthly budget. You can calculate the payments get from the customers or those payments that you have to do for your business.

Financial Calculator is available for free on the Play Store so if you want this simple and easy app then you must download it on your android phone. It contains ads that may bother you so buy it for only $4.99 is a one-time payment.

5- Quicken (for iOS)

Quicken has a friendly graphical user interface. It shows you the data in a very comprehensive way that makes you clear about where your money is going. You need to add the required information about your money and see the magic.

People love this app because of its features. You can connect the mobile version with the pc version and sync all the data. It will automatically manage all the transactions and give you detailed information about them. Quicken also helps you in managing and controlling the checking accounts.

If there is any problem regarding your ID/Password then you may call to the customer service center and solve your problem. Their reply will be so fast and immediate that your problem will be resolved in just a few hours.

Quicken is available on the App Store and will meet all your needs if you download it. It is available for free but with ads. You may unlock other features and avoid the ads with the annual subscription starting at $34.99.

6- Goodbudget: Budget & Finance (for android)

 Goodbudget is another budgeting app that will amaze you with its efficiency. You might be much tensed about the expenses and may not find a way out of it. You want your money to be spent wisely but need the manager that guides you and tells you where and how much money should be spent.

Download this app and make it a part of your life. It is definitely going to help you in making wise decisions about your money. You can save a good amount of money at the end of the month that can be used for other reasons.

It shows your data on a pie chart which comprehends you your monthly expense. You can add envelopes for groceries, electricity, gas, giving, and much more. You can plan before you spend money.

It is a smart way to plan your budget. Download the app from the Play Store for free. Yes! There are subscription charges that will help you to avoid ads and get in-app products.

7- YNAB ( You Need A Budget) (for ios)

If you are a college or a university student, a businessman, or a housewife, this app is going to manage all your financial matters. It will help you in budgeting. You will be able to save money at the end of the month. YNAB prevents you from falling into debt and taking a loan to fulfill your need.

YNAB is a feature-rich budgeting app. You can find out more about the features by visiting the page. YNAB’s manual system forces you to pay attention to the consequences of every single buyer. The learning curve is a bit difficult at first then you will understand all the features in just one to two hours. Managing your money with YNAB allows you to spend a limited amount of money on your things and save money for the future. You will become easy after downloading this app as it will tell you how much money you have to spend on different things.

Download the YNAB from the App Store for free but with a few dollars, you can buy the monthly or yearly subscription. In this way, you will be able to avoid ads and unlock additional wonderful features.

8- Prism Pay Bills and Bill Reminder

Prism Pay Bills is an iOS-based app. Like the other apps, it will also help you in managing your budget and making your life tension free. This app is super user-friendly and takes a few seconds to pay the bills. You will be able to see where your money is going and how much money is left at the end of the month.

We all know that money and time both play a very important part of someone’s life. The designers of Prism Pay Bills allow you to save your money and time. It supports several billers and retains your payment history. It also identifies when you paid the bill outside the app so that you will not pay it again. It prevents you from making mistakes of paying bills again. It will also remind the last date of bill payment.

No doubt Prism is a very smart app. Its customer service center gives quick response to its users. If you have any query then it will be resolved in just a little time. It is available for iOS users on the App Store. Download the app for saving money and time. It may contain ads but you can get rid of them by subscribing to the app on a monthly or yearly basis.

9- Every Dollar Budgeting App (for iOS and Android)

Every Dollar Budgeting App is a miraculous app. People are using this app around the world and managing their finance with this tremendous application. One advantage of the app is you can connect it to your computer. Just add your budget over there and get the updates on your mobile phone.

This app updates frequently. Designers are focused on managing the financial matters of users. It enables you to save money at the end of the month because it tells you where your money is going and how much is left behind. You can also set u new budgets on the phone. No need to open the laptop or computer again and again for updating.

If you are paid weekly not monthly then every dollar is going to help you effectively. You can add your information in the app and see how it will manage your money and tell you where your money is going. You can control your expense and save money at the end of the week.

So, download the app from the App Store and the Play Store for free. Enjoy the free version and when you feel comfortable then buy the subscription to get the premium version and unlock other amazing features. Grab your smartphone and download this budgeting app.

10- Clarity Money

Clarity Money provides you a pie chart of your monthly expenditures. The money you spent and the money left are shown in this pie chart. You will also get the detailed information about your money. It is your AI-powered financial app.

This application is famous because of its tracking i.e. tracking of money. You just have to put the data and see how it tracks your money and manage your financial matters. Its interface is clear and user friendly. Here, you can set goals and save money. For example, if you want to buy a car then set a goal in the app and start saving money. It will tell you when you reach the goal and can buy a car.

Many other features will be helpful in budgeting. It categorizes your transactions so that you can track your spending. You can also make a budget and track your weekly or monthly progress. The graph shown by this app tells you exactly how much of the monthly income you’ve spent each day.

Now, what else do you want from this amazing app? It is fulfilling all the requirements of the people. So download the app right now for managing your budget and saving money. This app is available on both the App Store and the Play Store for free.

11- PocketGuard: Personal Finance, Money & Budget

PocketGuard helps you in managing your finance. It is one of the few that auto-adds the new transactions. In this way, you don’t have to record everything you buy. No app can change your life but this app is going to help to make it easy. Budgeting is easy but staying on it after a couple of months is really difficult. But, PocketGuard is going to help you to stay in budget.

If you aren’t great with money then this app is highly recommended. A good thing about this app is, it is cheaper than other budgeting apps. You can categorize your transaction. Now you don’t need to add transactions separately as it will show you everything in a different category e.g. if you buy a coffee or buy some grocery then both will be shown in different categories.

If you send more than your limit it will start showing you the amount in negative. This helps you stay within your credit limit.

Download the app from the App Store and the Play Store for free. You may buy a monthly or yearly subscription.

12- Wallet: Personal Finance, Budget & Expense Tracker

A wallet is an amazing app that helps you in managing your budget and all financial matters. In the free version, you can make only 3 accounts but in the premium version, you not only connect more accounts but also enjoy the useful features.

You can do everything manually. It is easy to use because of its friendly interface. Auto-sync option with new updates from the bank is mostly loved by people around the world. Here all the transactions and credits are automatically updated on the app.

It shows you the weekly or monthly progress where you can see where your money is going. Now, it becomes very easy to save money at the end of the month. If you spent more money than your limit it will show you the negative value of the amount that will be an alarming situation that you are crossing your limit. 

Download the app for free from the Play Store and the App Store for free and enjoy its amazing features. But, to unlock the premium version you have to purchase the app.

13- Monefy – Budget Manager and Expense Tracker App

Are you worried about your financial status? Are you looking for an app that can make a budget for you? Then without any doubt download Monefy from the Play Store and the App Store on your smartphones.

Like all other best apps this one also helps you in budgeting. It manages all your financial matters. You can add templates, set goals, see your progress in a pie chart or graph. These all features make it special. It has a friendly user interface.

It can also be connected to your pc. You can sync all the data. This app helps you to monitor your financial status and obligations i.e. budget, income, savings, etc. it also categorizes your data per entry. Your data will be shown so clearly that you can understand it.

This app is free but you can buy (for $2.50) the app to unlock different amazing features. Users who bought the app are recommending the app to their friends and family. If you are confused about anything then you must go to the page and read all the features and reviews that people gave about Monefy.

14- Money Manager Expense & Budget

Money Manager Expense & Budget is another mostly downloaded budgeting app around the world. This app is available on the Play Store for free. But, before downloading it you must read the features of this wonderful app.

This app helps you in managing your all financial matters. It shows your progress in a very smart way. If you are new to this app then don’t worry, it is user friendly and its learning curve is not much steep. You can add the data manually in it and the app will compute you don’t need any pen paper or calculator for calculations.

This app will get connected with your bank account. Your transactions will be categorized so that you can check where you are spending the money. It shows you the weekly or monthly progress. At the end of the month, you will be shown the left amount. You can also set the goals so that your limit will not exceed.

People love this app because it is too handy. Its friendly interface helps you to understand all the features easily. You may search for more features by visiting the web page of Money Manager Expense & budget.

Like others, this app also contains many locked features that can be unlocked after the subscription. So, buy the monthly or weekly subscription and enjoy its amazing features. You will also get rid of unwanted ads.

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