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Top 10 Apps for Finding Friends Android & iOS

When you make a plan or thinking to make a plan it becomes very hard to know the exact location of your friends. This means that you might need some app to get to know their location. App Store and the Play Store are giving you a wide range of such applications which helps to find your friends.

For that purpose, we need to know what types of apps are available in these two stores. After a survey, we find out that the following are the best friends finding apps on these two stores which are helping people vigorously.

Take a look at the following apps.

Top 10 Apps for Finding Friends Android & iOS

1- Find My Friends

Find My Friends is very simple and easy to use ap. It works on a map-based interface. You can locate your friends by using this app and vice versa. Find My Friends offers its user to chat with your friends while they’re on the route to meeting up with you. In other words, you can keep an eye on them that were they up to.

It also has safety features which allow you to tell your friends whether you are in need or not. It will work on your smartphone like Android, iOS, and Blackberry. So by this app for free and make your life easy.

2- Find My Family, Friends, and Phone

Find My Family, Friends, and the Phone app is available on both the App Store and the Play Store. This app helps the user to find the exact location of your family member or a friend or any mobile in your circle. You need to make a group known as ‘Circles’ and catch the exact location of your Circle Members on a private family map. You’ll get a notification, whenever a family member will leave or arrives at a specific location. Another amazing feature of this app is that it works as a tracker for your phone. So, don’t panic if your phone is stolen or misplaces somewhere, you have this tremendous app so you can track it out.

This app is free to download but needs a subscription of $2.99 monthly in which you’ll receive 30 days of unlimited place alerts and local crime alerts. For a subscription of $7.99 monthly, you’ll get the driving analysis, 24/7 driver care support in the case of an accident along with crash detection.

So go for this outclass app and make your life easy and safe.

3- Google Maps

Google Maps is an important and popular app, used by almost 100% of android users. It is an essential part of almost everyone’s life. If you want to go somewhere just put the location and find your own way. You may not know how much it is helpful in finding friends.

This app works both for Android and iOS devices. You just need to activate the feature from your google account and then share your current location as well as your ETA.

This app is already installed on your phone so just go and use its amazing features.

4- Glympse

Glympse is an easy to use friends finding app. It doesn’t need any sign-up. You can share your real-time location with your friends and family. You can also set up groups for specific occasions as well as request a Glympse update from anyone you’re concerned about.

Glympse is a flexible app that offers you to share your location through the web rather than an app while staying secure from strangers. It is a tremendous app which will help you in a private meeting and social gatherings.

To download this app you need to get a smartphone first. This app is available on both the App Store and the Play Store for free. Amazingly, this app is liked by a lot of people around the globe. You can see the reviews of Glympse and then download it.

5- Family Locator & Safety

Family Locator & Safety is designed to keep an eye on your family members for their safety. But you can use it with anyone you want to use it with. It provides you a push notification along with sharing the current location of your family member.  You can make groups and add a number of people to it. You can share the location as well as the pictures in that group with your loved ones. It also provides you the panic button which has its own worth.

This app is free for Android users. So, if you are an Android user then download the app and protect your family from danger by keeping an eye on them.

6- GeoZilla

GeoZilla is also like Family Locator. It uses the location shared by your family member and you can keep an eye on them. You can see when they are leaving a location or arriving at a specific place. This makes the life of people so easy that they are keeping eye on their kids so they stay safe.

But, there are some other features that make GeoZilla unique. It offers you to share the location’s history and also social sharing. You can also set up reminders or push notifications any time on one of your family members when he enters some specific area. You can keep an eye on each and every movement of your family member.

This app is so amazing and it gives you multiple features that help to find out the solution to your problem.

7- Sygic Family Locator

Sygic Family Locator is one of the best apps for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their kids. It tells you the current location of your kid all the time. You can also message the person to contact them in need.

Developers of Sygic Family make sure that the safety of your child comes first so they provide you such features that help you in contact with your kid. It has an SOS button for parents, when pressed it immediately flags the location of their kid on a map. This button is helpful in other ways also as if you are on a family trip so you can see the location of your family member.

You can also set up notifications to receive an alert when a specific person reaches some specific destination.

This app is outclassed and can help you in many other ways. So download the app on your smartphone and stop worrying about your kid’s safety because Sygic Family guarantees you to provide you the exact information. 

8- A GPS Tracker

 This app is designed for hikers, walkers, and campers. Hiking and camping in unfamiliar areas might be dangerous for you. Any uncertainty might take place over there like weather can change suddenly or you may get lost. If you have a GPS Tracker you will come back safe and sound.

The maps in this app have elevation measurements, latitudes, and longitude coordinates for your exact location. These coordinates are available in both degrees and UTM-WSG84. The best feature of this app is that you can load the routes of other users and also get an alarm if you stray far away from your right path.

So, if you are going on hiking or camping o walking then you must have this app downloaded to your devices. Get this app right now to enjoy its amazing features.

9- Life 360

Life 360 is an amazing application that uses ‘Circles’ to share the location. So, if you want to track a friend or a family member then download the app and make your life easy.

It provides you a level of control which means you can share your location with a specific Circle for a specific time. Life 360 also provides you the facility of a private map and private message. Your map and messages cannot be seen by other ‘Circles’ of you.

If you don’t have this app on your smartphone then download it and enjoy the features of Life 360. This app is available on the Play Store for Android users for free. The most amazing thing is that people admire this app a lot because it helps them in finding their friends easily.

10- E – Walk hiking & trekking offline GPS

E – Walk hiking and trekking offline GPS allows you to download the maps and start your offline tracking. There are many places where signals are not available so, in such places this app is going to be your guide. It will save your tracks so that you can use it for your reverse journey.

This app is basically designed for hikers. It will help you in finding your destination. It also shows your current location. This app provides its users with a wide range of features. You can enjoy this by downloading it for free from the Play Store.

If you are going hiking and there will be no internet or any mobile signals then make sure you download the app and also maps it on your smartphone.

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