best airpod apps for android

Best AirPod Apps for Android 2020

AirPod is one of the most popular earbuds around and why not? They are a convenient way to listen to your iPhone, Mac book, or iPad. And these buds are compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth which means it can be connected with Android devices as well.

Since Airpod is made for Apple devices, connecting them with Android you lose out on several handy features like:

  • Google Assistant (In iPhone its Siri Access) 
  • Customizable double-tap functionality
  • Ear detection
  • Easy battery checking

The good news is there are some AirPod Apps for android that can enable those handy features in Android devices as well.

1- Assistant Trigger

This app lets you trigger the Google Assistant on an Android phone with a double-tap. It is similar to the way you trigger Siri in iOS. It also works when the screen is locked. Apart from asking questions with Google Assistant, this app also provides some other useful features when connected with the AirPod:

  • Show battery level for Airpods (gen 1, 2, Pro), Powerbeats Pro.
  • Trigger Google Assistant via double taps.
  • Announce incoming call id to your Airpods.

2- MaterialPods (Changeable UI Parameters & AirPod battery app )

By default Android smartphones don’t show the battery level of AirPods, however, you can change this and bring a closer experience to iPhone users.

Some versions of Android display the battery life of connected Bluetooth devices, but this won’t tell you if the buds are at different levels or the battery life of the case.

  • Airpods battery in notifications
  • Smooth animations
  • A lot of changeable UI parameters
  • Dark/Light widget with transparency settings
  • Dark theme

3- Equalizer

Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out of your Audio coming out of your phone. This app comes with 11 Stock Presets with tons of other features related to the quality of the sound. We have highlighted below some of the features that we find helpful. You can check the app description for a complete list of features.

  • Save Custom Presets
  • Delete, Edit, Rename Presets
  • Create Home-screen shortcut for Presets
  • Backup and Restore Presets from SD card

4- AirDroid (Automatic popup & Battery App)

AirDroid is also easy to use android app for Airpods. It’s so convenient to see how much battery has left on the pods and case. This app gives you a closer experience of using iPhone users. Some of the eyecatching features of this android app are:

  • See the battery level of AirPods 1 or 2
  • Battery level displayed in a live notification*
  • Automatic popup whenever AirPods are connected*
  • Unlike other AirPod battery apps, this app will try to only display YOUR AirPods even when there are other nearby

Final Thoughts

Based on the features and customer reviews these were the best Airpod apps for Android. Let’s just highlight one more thing that nobody talks about. Airpods are made for Apple products, not for android devices. Although they can easily be connected with any Bluetooth devices whether it be an android phone, laptop, or LED. But expecting them to work as efficiently as they work in Apple products with high quality and without any glitch will be wrong b/c they are not made for them. So we suggest you lower a few of your expectations when running the Airpods with Non-Apple devices.

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