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Top 16 Coloring Apps for Toddlers Android & iOS

Nowadays, it is very hard to control toddlers for working moms. While doing the house chores, toddlers disturb their mothers a lot and don’t let them work. To make them busy there are a lot of coloring apps. No matter, you are an iOS user or an Android; you can download the apps and make them busy to do your work.

There is good news for mothers; we are telling you about the coloring apps which will make your life very easy.

Let’s have a look at the following apps.

1- Coloring Books of Dogs by ME–ZZ

If your toddlers are dog lovers and you want him to make busy with some productive work then you must go for this app as it is available for free on App Store. Yes! This coloring app is available for iOS users for their iPads.

With a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating, means this coloring app is loved by kids and their parents. This Coloring Book of Dogs app is for anyone of any age who loves dogs. You can color the pictures of some puppies and also can draw your own. This app works great on Mac Books and iPads. Brush tools are so accurate for the kids’ little fingers.

Download the app right now! You can also avail of its amazing offers by purchasing this app for a few dollars.

2- Anti Coloring Book Collection

Anti Coloring Book Collection is an amazing coloring app for kids. You can buy this app for only $1.99 from the App Store. With a high rating, this app is loved by the kids and parents. Parents want their child to stay busy in some productive work so for this purpose this app is best and you must go for it.

This app is designed to spark the ideas and imagination of all kids. This app makes your kids show their creativity by drawing their thoughts on the screen.

Open up the Mac App Store to buy and download Anti Coloring Book Collection.

3- PicoToONs: Creative Activity for Kids

It is an amazing coloring app in which kids can color different characters and give their imagination a life. It is available for both iOs and Android devices. Graphics are high quality which makes it popular among the people.

 PicoToONs will let your kid learn and express his feelings. You can also buy it to avail of its offers.

4- Kids Doodle: Color and Draw Free Game

Kids Doodle allows your kid to draw freely on the screen. It can engage your child well. It provides your kids’ tools like neon, fireworks, and glowing crayons to create imaginative doodle and drawing.

This app is available on the Play Store for free. So grab your android device right now and download this app for your naughty kids and engage them in some healthy activity.

You need to upgrade the app to avoid ads.

5- Voxly: Color by Numbers

Voxly is available on App Store and Play Store both for free. Voxly provides your kids with an easy and understandable way to color and expresses their imaginations. It brings coloring to life in complete 3D. With its color by number function, kids understand easily how to color the 3D picture.

You can get this app for free on your device. Voxly is free to download but if you want to eliminate ads and unlock more features then you have to purchase its subscription for $9.99 weekly, $19.99 monthly, and $29.99 yearly.

6- Coloring and Drawing for Kids

Coloring and Drawing for kids; like its name it gives fun education to kids. It engages them for a time in a healthy activity. Kids can show their creativity through coloring and express their imaginations.

You can download it for free from the Play Store. This app is suitable for kids ages 2 to 8 years. Boys and girls both can use this app. Kids can unlock different levels and characters by just purchasing this for a few dollars from the play Store.

7- Scout’s Shape and Color Farm

Scout’s shapes and Color Farm is developed for toddlers and kids to develop their skills. Parents can guide them and let the imaginations of your child come to life. This app is an astonishing one that is popular among people around the globe.

You can download this app for $1.99 from the App Store.

8- Color Hunt

Color Hunt is designed for toddlers that encourage them to engage in the outdoors and their surroundings to observe the colors and aid the comedic character through a series of stories.

It is available for free on App Store. You can download this app on your iOS devices to help your toddlers learn about colors and shapes.

9- Crayola Colorful Creatures – Around the World!

Crayola Colorful Creatures – Around the World is an amazing app that takes your kid to the world of colors. He can color his favorite creature with colors of his choice. This is a very good way to teach kids about colors and shapes.

Crayola Colorful Creatures rates 4.4 out of 5 stars App Store. It is a free app. You can unlock different creatures by purchasing them for a few dollars. You can also avoid ads after purchase.

10- Baby Learns Colors

Baby Learns Colors is considered one of the best color teaching apps. It aims to teach babies the names of 12 basic colors by showing colorful displays and also helps the kid to get interacted with animated characters.

Baby Learns Colors is available on App Store for only $0.99 with no ads.

11- Shiny Party

Shiny Party is designed for toddlers about basic shapes of geometry and colors. It is a very productive app that helps your toddler to learn fast. Its graphics are so good that kids will love to interact with it.

This app is available on App Store for $1.99. You can download the app and help your kid to learn fast and get ready for school.

12- Wood Puzzle Easter Color

World Puzzle Easter Color is an Easter-themed app. It means that kids can learn and color the objects which are used in Easter. It is a dual language application. Kids can learn the colors in English or Spanish. Now it’s your choice to switch the language.

This app is available for $0.99 on the App Store. So grab your iOS device and purchase and download the app right now.

13- Tappe Color It

Tappe Color is a free app for iOS users. With a high rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, it is loved around the world. Kids love to color the images by just tapping.

It gives you options of colors and your kid has to recognize the color and tap it to fill it in the respective image. Tappe Color It is a fun game app.

You might love this app because of its amazing features. Download the app for $0.99 right away from the App Store to help your kid in learning colors and shapes.

14- Color Dog

Color Dog is a fun based game where your kid will develop his memory by filling the colors in various dogs. This app is very suitable for babies and toddlers in developing their skills and memory. Babies start memorizing things from an early age, so this is the parents’ responsibility to provide some productive and good material to them for learning.

Color Dog is one of the best coloring apps for babies and toddlers. This is available on the App Store for just $0.99. Open your App Store and purchase this app right now to help your baby learn.

15- Laugh and LearnTM Shapes & Colors Music Show for Baby

Shapes & Colors Music Show for Baby is suitable for babies age 6 months and above. This app helps your baby to learn about different shapes interactively. You can see some videos on the App Store before downloading to satisfy yourself with its tremendous features.

This app is available for free on the App Store. So, if you are looking for an amazing app that provides your kid a good learning material then go for these Shapes and Colors Music Show.

16- Pic Pen Coloring Book

Pic Pen Coloring Book provides you different images in which your kid has to color. You can pick any of the given pens for coloring. The pens include crayons, color pencils, paintbrushes, and sticker brushes.

Coloring with Pic Pen Coloring Book will be a great experience for you and your kid. It helps your kid to learn and memorize creatures and colors.

Download the app for free from the Play Store on your Android device. I’m sure you’ll love the app.

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