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Top 8 Best Hiking Apps for Android Users 2020

In this modern era of technology, there is almost everything available on our smartphones. I believe that one of the finest inventions is the maps, they have made our lives so easy and there tons of applications like Uber, Careem, etc that are completely dependent on them. Similarly, there are many Hiking mobile phone apps that are based on these maps. No matter you are traveling to a new country or going hiking, all you have to do is download the available app that fulfills your requirements and you are good to go.

When we talk about hiking it’s an adventurous activity and can be sometimes dangerous too. Hikers from the past who didn’t have such technologies available have even lost their lives. Nowadays these apps are so smart that by any chance if you got injured or any kind of emergency occurred these apps will make you contact the rescue agencies. Similarly, there are many other useful features that we will be talking about that can be considered to be lifesavers for them.

If you are planning a hiking adventure and searching for the best hiking app, then you have come to the right place. We are here with the list of some of the best hiking apps for android that are not just helpful but also fun to use and will make your adventure memorable.

These apps consist of some of the important features that are required for hiking and the predictions of these features are accurate as well. So go through the list and explore the features according to your needs and pick up the best suitable app for yourself.

1- Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS helps you to plan your trip with all the safety precautions. It consists of features like finding the new trails and you can even download the offline maps and many other features that will be really helpful in those places where the mobile network is weak.

Gaia Gps App

For basic purposes it is free on the google play store but if you want to use some more interesting features of this app so you can buy its subscription which is of $39.99/year. There are many exciting advantages of the Gaia app some of them are as follows:

  • By using the Gaia app, you can also find many bikers, off-roaders, and hikers that can help you and lead you in the right way.
  • Gaia app predictions are 99% correct.
  • If you got injured or any kind of emergency occurred so it will make you contact the rescue agencies.

If you want to download the Gaia app you can click on the following link given below:

2- Map My Hike

This app helps you to plan your hike and to mark the spots or destinations. There is a very unique feature that this app offer is feedback, which improves the app day by day and it becomes working more efficiently.

The free version of this app is available on the play store, however, they are offering the MVP membership which is of $29.99/year and $5.99/month, after purchasing the membership they are offering some more features. The major advantages of the Map My Hike app are:

  • Track and help you to schedule your trials.
  • It can also save the records of your previous workouts, hiking, and trails.
  • It can easily be synced by your wearable devices.

If you want to download this app you can use the link given below.

3- All Trails App

This is the app that gives you the complete directions of the parks, mountains, and trails that are nearby you or if you are trying to find them this app will provide you the complete direction. This app has some of the great functionality features that make your trails, hikes and workout awesome.

It has a great interface and the directions are given through the satellite and topographic maps. There is also a premium version of this app available which is almost about $29.99/year, however, if you are not a professional hiker or have no issue with an internet connection,  then we won’t recommend you to buy the premium version.

There are some great features of this app.

  • Almost 50,000 plus directions are already stored in this app.
  • It also marks the favorite directions that you used frequently.
  • It also kept the records of your previous hiking as well

If you want to download this app you can use the link given below:

4- Weather Live

This app provides you the accurate weather predictions. And this feature really helps when you are hiking to places where the weather is unpredictable. With an easy interface, you can easily check the weather of the place that you are heading to.

Well, this app provides all the weather conditions through that you can easily decide whether is it safe to go to that place or not. It is a very helpful app especially for the hikers because they have to go through many difficult routes where the weather keeps on changing. So this app provides you the information about how is the weather ahead. It is a completely free app in fact it is built-in in many of the smartphones.

There are some more amazing features of this app which are mentioned below.

  • It can measure wind speed and directions.
  • It can also tell you the current feels like.
  • Rain predictions.
  • The temperature of the next day.

If you want to download this app you can use the link below:

5- View Ranger

View ranger is an app that can be used offline, you can discover many directions if you are not having any internet or mobile data. Although this app has good navigation that can direct you to the exact locations.

The app is not free it cost almost $19.99/year. The main advantage of this app is that it can function while you are offline.

If you want to download this app you can use the link below:

6- Google Maps Offline

Everyone is familiar with this app of google and we are using it for daily purposes. Google Maps is easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere, even many of the cab companies are using google maps for their services.

As it can also be used while you are offline what you just have to do is download the navigation earlier and you can use it offline whenever you want to use it. It is completely a free app in fact it is already installed on many smartphones.

If you want to download this you can use the link below:

7- Cairn

Carin is the app that records all your trails and hiking records. It has the feature of sharing your location with your loved ones. It is can also be used while you are being offline or you do not have any internet connection.

The main advantage of this app is that you can share your location with your loved ones. There is a premium account available which costs $4.99/month and $26.99/year, although the free version is also available on the google play store.

If you want to download this app use the link given below:

8- Run keeper

This app is basically for the use of fitness purposes but it can also be used for hiking as well. It can keep a record of all the steps that you have taken, remind you about the level of your dehydration, and also keep telling you about your heart health. Well, hikers can use this app to keep track of their health when hiking on mountains.

This app is available for free on the google play store and there are also the premium accounts of this app which cost about $9.99/month and $36.99/year.

If you want to download this app you can use the link given below:


Well, these were the apps that we found helpful for hiking purposes. You can choose any of these hiking apps that fulfill your requirements, although these apps are now becoming the most essential part of our lives. Especially for people like me who are not good with directions. Some of these apps record most of our activities like the places we visited, they even keep track of our heartbeats that whether is it running with the good numbers or not and it can also keep you reminded that when to drink water and how much you have to drink and all of these things which we do not follow strictly in our daily lives. 


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