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Top 10 Math Apps for Kindergarten and First Grade

Teaching Math to a kindergarten student is a technical task. You need to come on the mental level of the kid and make sure that he understands what you are telling him. You need to use props, flashcards, and many more objects to teach the basic concepts of math.

Math should be fun. And to teach math in a way that kid enjoys, there are a lot of Math apps for kindergarten. Some of the popular math apps are mentioned below. Have a look at these apps’ specifications and download them for your kid.

Top 10 Math Apps for Kindergarten and First Grade

1- Monkey Math School Sunshine

Monkey Math School Sunshine is a perfect app for teaching math skills to kindergarten students. It mainly focuses on sequencing, patterning, counting, addition, subtraction, more/less, bigger/smaller, and number recognition. This app is suitable for the center time of students and parents also. Parents can use this app to teach all the above-mentioned categories one by one.

It has a friendly and colorful interface that attracts a kid’s attention towards the screen. It teaches effectively that kids understand the concept easily.

This app is available on the App Store and the Play Store both for only $3.99. for your kid’s education this money worth nothing so, you should spend this little amount of money to start the basic education of your child.

If you have any confusion regarding this application, read the reviews of people and make a good decision.

2- Animal Math Kindergarten Math Games for Kids Free

Animal Math Kindergarten offers you math games for kids. Playing games and teaching them math is an effective way for kids in kindergarten. If your kid doesn’t like math and can’t get the basic concepts of math easily then you must download this app on your android devices and make yours and your kid’s life easy.

 It offers you different interesting and easy playable games which helps the kids to understand counting. These games have a lot of positive encouragement, professional narration with catchy music. This app is designed by parents and teachers.

Animal Math Kindergarten offers you counting and number recognition, addition & subtraction, and categories & geometry. To check out more additional features you can see the features of the app before downloading it from the Play Store.

Yes! It is available on the Play Store for Android users. You can download this amazing app for free but some offers are purchasable in-app.

3- Khan Academy Kids: Free educational games & books

Khan Academy Kids is for kids ages 8 and under. So if your kid is in kindergarten then this app is perfect for him. A 4.6 out of 5-star rating means this app is loved and recommended by people around the world. So, if you are looking for an app that provides you a complete package then go for Khan Academy Kids.

Khan Academy Kids has several games, educational activities, books, and songs for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders. The attractive and cute characters in this app attract kids to the activity. Kids took interest in what is going to be next in the game.

Parents and teachers also admire Khan Academy Kids as the content given in the app are accurate for the ages mentioned in the description. You can see its vast specifications before downloading the app from the Play Store. Grab your Android devices and download this amazing application on your device and make your kids learn the basic concepts of math and other subjects.

The one thing about Khan Academy Kids is that it is free; that means no ads and in-app purchases.

4- Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose

Another amazing math learning app. This app is available on the App Store and the Play Store for free. A high rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars is a good option for your kids. This app provides you high graphics that are helpful to teach kids the basic concepts of math.

Just like other apps it also provides you the interesting playable games on addition, subtraction, geometry, sorting, number recognition, and counting, etc. Moose Math is liked and admired a lot because of its easy games and way of teaching. The way of teaching is easy and all STEM based.

Moose Math’s five engaging activities are:

  • Moose Juice
  • Paint Pet
  • Pet Bingo
  • Lost & Found
  • Dot To Dot

Download the app now and enjoy these activities.

5- Splash Learn: Games for Kids

Splash Learn is an immersive PreK- 5 learning experience loved by over 33 million people around the globe. This app is a little expensive but mostly recommended by people. Splash Learn offers many amazing features that help teachers and parents in teaching the basic concepts of math to their kids.

This app offers you the classroom edition where a teacher has access to the student account. This app is good for online studies. As the entire world is fighting with Covid-19 and lockdowns, children are getting an education online. For kindergarten level schools can use this app to teach their students in an effective and attractive.

According to a survey online studies are getting bore for little kids as they have to sit in front of the screen and see what their teacher is doing. But, by using Splash Learn students will enjoy the lectures and can learn all the areas of math for kindergarten.

Download the app on your iOS devices by purchasing it for a few dollars. I’m sure you’ll never regret spending money on it.

6- Owl and Pals Preschool Lessons

Owl and Pals Preschool Lessons is an amazing app with a lot of interesting games on math and other subjects. Your 8 years or less old kid is going to enjoy the games a lot. Buy this app for $0.93 from the App Store and the Play Store.

Owl and Pals Preschool Lessons focuses on rudimentary concepts of math like counting, number recognition, shapes, and sorting colors, matching, and puzzles. This app is simple and easy to use. It can teach your child in an effective way that your kid is going to love.

Before downloading you can see the reviews of parents and teachers on the website so you may get clear about any query regarding this app.

7- Numbers and Math for Kids

Numbers and Math for Kids offer you a fine range of games for preschool and kindergarten children that helps them to learn; how to count, compare, arrange, add, and subtract numbers. Usually, kids love playing while learning so this makes your kid learn while he is playing games.

Math is an important but a little tricky subject to teach. Correct technic can make it easy. Now the main task is to find the correct technic and there is only one way to find it i.e. download the Number and Math for Kids app to use its perfect way of teaching children.

Download Numbers and Math for Kids from the Play Store and teach your kids in a fun way.

8- Kids Math – Math Game for Kids

Kids Math – Math Game for Kids is a unique, exciting, and challenging app. It contains interesting games for kids that help them in learning math in a fun way. Kids can easily learn math basic concepts like addition, subtraction, counting, recognizing numbers, and many more. This app is perfect for kids of 4 and above. Kids Math contain games, after playing, your kid will start calculating fast.

If you are searching for an app on your smartphone or Android device then you must consider Kids Math – Math Game for Kids. I’m sure your kid will love and enjoy the games.

This app is available on the Play Store for free but contains ads. You can ignore ads and avail of amazing locked offers by purchasing the app for a few dollars.

9- Addition and Subtraction for Kids – Math Games

Addition and Subtraction for kids, like its name, help your kid in learning addition and subtraction. This app allows you to play different and interesting games with your kid and make him feel easy with math. As math is a complicated subject for several students but it can be fun if you make it easy and interesting by playing games and doing different activities.

This app allows different activities regarding addition and subtraction. All the games and activities are designed by keeping in mind kids of 4 to 8 years. This age is very important to learn the basic concept of math like addition, subtraction, counting, recognizing numbers, and much more.

Addition and Subtraction for kids are available on the Play Store for free. Don’t waste your time searching for different apps. Just type Addition and Subtraction for Kids – Math Games on the Play Store and download it for a better future for your kid.

10- Learn Numbers for Kids

If you are searching for an app for your 2 to 5 years old kid who is going to be introduced to numbers then this app is perfect. Your child will learn numbers from 1 to 20. Learn Numbers introduces your child to the magical world of numbers. After some time, your kid will start telling you the counting by him.

This amazing app is user friendly and seems attractive to kids because of its colors. Graphics are so good and clear that kids never get confused about anything.

Learn Numbers for Kids is available on the Play Store for free. Get this app to introduce numbers to your kid effectively and interestingly. If you have any query regarding this app then go to the app and read all specifications and features of Learn Numbers for Kids and then download it.

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