Top 7 Font Style Apps for Android and iOS

Font Style plays a very important role in everyone’s paperwork. You need to set it for legal matters, for educational matters, or for sharing images on social media and sometimes people get bored of their simple font style and keyboard so they need to find an app that provides them some additional font styles.

When you are going to make an assignment, worksheet, or to make any document, the most important thing is font style. You need to decide on a suitable font style so your document looks good and attractive to other people.

This makes people like your work and admires it. You can use different types of fonts which can do great with your projects. It’s always good to select the font from many options.

Here is the list of best font style apps that you can get on your Android as well as iOS. One thing you have to do is to find the one suitable font style which is compatible with your device.

Now, have look at the following font styles.

1- Cool Fonts – Font Generator & Font Changer

Cool Fonts app provides its users with a lot of fonts and themes with a facility of a custom keyboard. You can choose the font style which is suitable for your document and also can change the color of your keyboard. One surprising thing is that the font that you choose can be used in all apps on your phone.

This app is available on the Play Store for free but the premium version can be purchased for a few dollars. With this, you’ll get the extra font types and unlimited keyboards and also get rid of the unwanted and disturbing ads.

This app is straightforward and works well. It is easy to understand and use. If you have any query regarding this app then must go to the Play Store and see the reviews of people. The app with 4.4 out of 5 stars will surely have good reviews because people love this app and recommend it to their friends and family members.

2- Any Font

If you are an iOS user then Any Font is suitable for your device. With Any font, it is now possible to install an extra font in True Type Font (ttf), Open Type font (otf), and True Type Collection (ttc) formats on your iPhone or iPad. These fonts can be used in every app on your device. You can also use them in Word, PowerPoint, Pages, keynotes, and many more.

You can use any font style in making your presentations on Mac or PC and show them on your iPads with the help of this app because many fonts are not available on your iPads.

It is an easy and very simple application with a lot of amazing features. Let’s have a look at the features which Any Font is offering you.

You can:

  • add single or multiple fonts as a ZIP or TTC- file
  • install single or multiple fonts at a time
  • preview your fonts in Any Font’s storage
  • access from within Any Font app
  • purchase optional 1000+ fonts
  • see the complete list of all installed fonts on the device
  • have Any Font’s support for Dark Mode (requires iOS 13)

It is also working with different other apps like Numbers, Keynote, and Pages, Circuit Design Space, Office Suite Pro, Office2 HD, and many more.

This app gives its users a tutorial which helps them in using the app easily. You can visit the website also. Download the application on your iOS device for free and enjoy its amazing features.

3- Magic Font (2019) – Cool, Free, and Stylish

The Magic Font (2019) – Cool, Free, and Stylish is an app that allows you to install fonts on your android phones. It provides a lot of features which can help you in making presentations and documents or writing something on your pictures. It provides you 20+ free fonts; you can customize your font style by following some easy steps. It supports 15+ languages: Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Turkish, German, Malay, Bengali, Tamil, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Burmese, Thai, and French.

Download the app to enjoy these all features. You can download this app for free from the Play Store. Its interface is very friendly and colorful which attracts users. If you are thinking of any question then open the page where to download the app and read all reviews and make your decision for changing your font style.

4- iFont: Find and Install any font

iFont makes it possible for an iOS user to download multiple font styles on his device. You can use the fonts in other apps also, including social media and different messaging apps. This app is so comprehensive that it provides you font and its information i.e. when it was created and where it was first used, etc.

You can try different font styles in the same context i.e. you can check different fonts and select the one which you like the most. This means that you can easily and quickly select the font and use it in your work.

This app has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars which means that this application is easy and liked by people around the world. So without any confusion, download this app because it is going to add magic to your text.

5- Phonto – Text on Photos

Phonto is a simple and easy app that allows you to add some text to your pictures. It provides you a complete package with more than 400 accessible fonts. It also allows you to download more fonts if you need them. It provides an amazing feature where you can change the size, color, gradient, stroke color, shadow color, and background color of your text. Your text can be rotatable in this app. You can also use the feature of text kerning within the app. Line space can be adjustable. You can show your text as curved. You can erase some parts of the text from your pictures. With this outstanding app, you can change the theme of the image, add items (Balloon, Rectangle, Star, and Heart), and change the background image. By using Phonto, you can write the text not only on pictures but also on plain images. It allows its user to share images on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

All these features are available in only one app. One more thing which should be mentioned over here is that it can support multiple languages: English, Chinese, and Japanese. Now, download the app from your App Store right now in your language and add some magic to your photos.

6- Stylish Font

 Like its name, Stylish Font is designed to add a stylish look to your text. It uses Fancy Fonts, Cool Text Styles like Cursive, monospace, Old English, etc.

Now see what this app is offering you.

It offers you:

  • 121+ Fancy Stylish Text and Art Styles
  • 55 Stylish Fonts
  • Quick sharing on social media
  • Emotion in a stylish text
  • Customized image editor
  • Friendly and attractive user interface
  • Emojis and props for text decoration
  • It changes your text style and quickly allows you to type from your stylish keyboard.
  • It also allows you to add quotes to your pictures.

Stylish Fonts provides users to pick the font of their own choice. Your text may look how you want it to look. This application is so flexible that allows you to change the color of the text, background’s color, image, or gradient. It can also remove the background and make it green, blue, or simply a white screen. You can also export your images and save them in any format or resolution.

This app is available on the Play Store for free but few features can be purchased in a few dollars. The Premium version also removes all unwanted ads from the app. So, don’t think so much and download the app if you want any such app which helps you in writing a fancy text on your images.

7- FontBoard – Font & Emoji Keyboard

Font Board is an outstanding and amazing app that is helping its users in completing a different task. If you are making a video or working on any project and you need to add some beautiful fonts and emoji then you must consider this app as it has amazing features and tremendous font styles for you.

It has some magical spell that can be used on your video or image and make it magical. People will love it and admire your work. We know that you work so hard to produce a good and enchanting video/ image. This app will help you in your work.

Download the app for free from the Play Store and make it part of your professional life. I’m sure it will help you in succeeding. This app contains some ads but you can get rid of them by purchasing the app. The Premium version also unlocks some amazing font styles and other features. So don’t waste your time in searching for different apps, go for Font Board right now.

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