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Hibernating an app on the android platform

Hibernating app on the android platform is a very important task that can be done on every android device to save the battery and boost the speed of the device. First, you must know the meaning of hibernating apps on the android platform.

What does it mean to hibernate an app?

Hibernating an app means to remove the app from the main memory and save its last status so that it can be resumed from where it is closed when used again. It is a very useful operation that can be done on every smartphone. It saves the life of the android device and lessens the excessive usage of resources.

There are many apps available on the Play Store for this purpose. Your android also has this built in function. You just have to go to the setting and change the accessibility settings just shown below.

Is it safe to hibernate apps?

As I told you before that there are number of hibernating apps available in the market. You can download any one of them. But the question arises that is it safe to hibernate apps; will there be any effect on the performance of the smartphone? Then you must first understand what happened when you hibernate the app.

Hibernation apps won’t work efficiently until the phone is rooted. If you are more concerned about your battery life than safety of your device then you can go for rooting and use hibernating apps. Hibernating apps eventually won’t use any CPU resources that mean the performance will not get affected and will get improved.

How to un-hibernate apps?

You can un-hibernate your app by simply launching the app again. But if you want your app not to hibernate ever then you must open the hibernation app and tap and hold it for a few seconds and unmark the app from getting hibernate if not in use.

This is how you can un-hibernate the app or prevent you app from getting hibernating. If you are using Greenify app then you must follow the following setups.

This tutorial is very easy and you will learn it very fast.

How do you hibernate app on android?

If you want to hibernate certain apps on your android phone so that they can’t use the resources of your phone then you must download a good hibernating app from the Play Store. Those apps are safe and do not occupy much space in your phone memory and also do not use resources of your phone. They help you in hibernating apps and optimize your android phone.

So, download the app on your mobile for free and enjoy.

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