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Top 8 Night Vision Apps for Android & iOS

If you are a hunter and looking for prey at night or you are a wildlife filmmaker then you might be needing such apps that help you in seeing things very clearly at night. And for this, you need night vision apps. Many applications can help you in this matter. But you need to be aware of some apps because they are maybe fake. They might be using some sort of filter or showing you a different picture.

Are there any real night vision apps?

Yes, there are few apps that can be used for night vision. But be careful before downloading or buying such apps people may fool you in this. I’ve searched a few apps for you which are highly rated and liked by people around the world.

Have a look at them and download the most suitable app for your smartphone. No matter, you use an iOS-based smartphone or android, these apps are compatible for both brands.

Top 8 Night Vision Apps for Android & iOS

1- Night Vision Flashlight

Seeing at night is very tough. So you might need a good application. Night Vision Flashlight is an amazing night vision app. It shows you a very clear picture in dark. It has some pretty good features like brightness control, color control, and add extra effects on photos.

Night vision flashlight offers you a user-friendly interface that means it is easy to understand and use. If you want to use the app to see the lifetime then turn on the app and point the camera where you’re are walking. It will also help you to navigate in the darkness.

Night vision flashlights can be downloaded from the Play Store and the App Store for free. You can get special features of this app after buying the app for a few dollars.

Main Features

  • Enable Chromatic Filter for Thermal Vision
  • Take screenshots
  • Enable Flashlight
  • Can see the heat from distance.
  • Sounds

2- Illumes

Illumes is another outclass night vision app. It provides you a clear picture at night. It allows you to take pictures and videos in the dark. The good news for selfie lovers is that this app allows you to take selfies. Illumes offers you to add filters on your photos. You can also add some props to make your pictureeffective. Illumes provides you 4 effects for the selfie that is red, green, blue, and warm.

It also has other features like capture photos and videos with flash on or off, set timer for 3 sec, 5 sec, and 10 sec, front camera, back camera, autofocus, zoom in/ out, and in-app gallery.

Illumes has a clean design. Designers give you 5 apps in 1 app. It means you are having functions of 5 apps in 1. It captures high-quality video with no annoying flash blinding your eyes or causing red eyes. It is simple to use, just launch the app and your flash turns on and stays on so that you can capture the pictures and videos. You can shoot a lot with this app like night fishing, hangouts with your friends, indoor/ outdoor night shots, and much more.

The most amazing thing is that this app is ads-free. Download the app from the Play Store for only $.65 and enjoy its amazing features.

Main Features:

  • Capture photos and videos with and without flash light.
  • Set Timer
  • Auto Focus
  • User friendly

3- Night Camera Photo and Video – HD 4K

Night Camera Photo and Video – HD 4K is an amazing night vision app. It offers you amazing features which help you to see anything very clearly in the dark. Now, don’t get worried if you are at someplace where light is very low and you need to take any photo over there then download this app from the Play Store for free.

It offers you the auto timer selection, amplifier picker, thermal effect, green amplification mode, HD video recording and playback, front and rear camera toggle,  LED light, photo video mode, 8x digital zoom, built-in library, photo video slider, photo, and video sharing.

These features make it popular around the world. If you are looking for an app that helps you to see in the dark and also gives you amazing features then you must go for this wonderful app.

Main Features:

  • HD Night Camera Photo & Video
  • 8x digital zoom and auto timer
  • low light sensitivity.
  • Thermal effect and LED light

4- Night mode Binoculars Camera

Night Mode Binoculars Camera is an exotic app. This app is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Play Store because of its wonderful features. It enables you to capture the exotic wonder of nature, or moon and the stars up in the sky, or stunning sea waves, or flowers at night. It can do all this magic without adding any kind of extra appliances at the lowest luminosity.

Night Mode Binoculars Camera allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the camera to achieve the best outcome. It also allows you to set some 1-8x zoom at the same time as you are recording some high professional video.

Downloading this app for free from the Play Store will never let you regret your decision. It is not a telescope or binoculars. It only allows you to click photos and shoot videos in less light. It gives you a very clear picture which makes you see what you are clicking.

If we talk about reviews so let me tell you one thing, with a high rating of 4.9 people just love Night Mode Binoculars Camera features. They are recommending this app to their friends and family. You must try this app and enjoy its amazing features.

Main Features

  • Easy to make videos and pictures in low light.
  • Video Stabilizer & Binoculars telescope zoom
  • Manual and automatic focus mode
  • 4 to 10 x zoom
  • Photo editor

5- Night Eyes – Night Camera

The Night Eyes – Night Camera is an exotic app that lets you take pictures and shoot videos in real-time. It is programmed in such a way that you can take pictures without turning on your flashlight. You can take photos with both the back and front camera with high resolution. It also allows you to use different color modes such as sepia, red, green, and white. You can take photos in landscape and portrait mode. You can zoom in and out up to 1 to 10 xs.

Night Eyes is a very simple and easy to use application of the night vision category. It gives you quick responses such as you can start taking pictures and shoot videos immediately and not have to worry about having to do a bunch of trial and error.

Download Night Eye – Night Camera from the App Store. There are a few pictures that can clear your view about how it looks when Night Eye clicks pictures. It gives you a clear view. So, download the app for free but few features can be purchased for a few dollars.

Main Features

  • Residual light amplification in real-time
  • Easy switching from light amplification mode to exposure mode.
  • View smallest details in night mode.
  • Variety of color filters
  • 1 to 10 x zoom
  • Light enhancement
  • HD photos with volume up (+) photo capture.

6- Night vision Light

Night Vision Light app is another night vision app that helps you to see at night. It helps you to hold the night vision in dark by turning the screen of your smartphone into a red-lit flashlight. The brightness of the red light is adjustable. You can adjust it brighter or dimmer by swiping up or down on the screen. It is so durable that you can save the setting for later use.

Night Vision Light app provides you amazing features that help you in seeing things in the dark very clearly. You can download the app from both the App Store and the Play Store. It has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars which means it is useful and admired by people around the world.

7- Night Mode Zoom Photo Video Camera (Low Light)

Night Mode Zoom Photo Video Camera (Low Light) works as a night vision camera. This app is a professional camera through which users can easily adjust 4 to 10 x zoom.

It has a lot of features through which users can view his required result of the photo. Some features are photo camera, video recording, high-quality video stabilizer, high-quality images, binoculars telescope zoom, magnifying glass with light, macro zoom camera, zoom buttons, photo editors, photo cropper, professional zoom, digital zoom camera, support flashlight, virtual microscope, four-color projection i.e. green, red, blue, and white, front and rear camera, brightness control, manual and automatic focus mode. All these features make this app a complete package so that you can get what you need in one app. It allows its user to use long exposure mode to capture the photos during night time. It captured detailed photos in a low light environment.

Download the app for free from the Play Store on your smartphone. It is available for free. It will give you clear images that will amaze you. To avail its features and make your pictures look perfect at night time then you must try this app. This app is no doubt a good app with good ratings.

Main Features

  • Turns smartphone screen into a red-lit flashlight.
  • The illumination of the red light can be adjustedt to brighter or dimmer.
  • Autosave brightness setting.
  • Perfect flashlight for astronomy and telescopes!

8- VR Thermal & Night Vision FilterCam: Simulated FX

VR Thermal & Night Vision FilterCam helps you to see at night as well as see the thermal view of any location. Its features are so amazing and outclass that you will be amazed after using them. It shows you a clear image. You can take photos and make videos at night by using this app.

A few of the features of VR Thermal & Night Vision Filter Cam are as following. You must look at them and then decide to download it.

Main Features

  • It records all filters as videos
  • It records in VR mode
  • You can change the effects in VR mode by using the voice down/ up button.
  • You can shoot the images by using all the filters
  • UV vision simulated effect
  • It also has a dancing disco light effect.
  • It has dancing night effects
  • You can use it time-based changing effects also.

Download the app for free from the Play Store but there are more features which are available in-app purchase.

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